We've just released new improvements!

  • We have a newly updated WebUI that includes a tab-based layout for functional design and adds better support for dynamic input shapes of your models. You can now easily experiment with different batch sizes or other dynamic dimensions in your model's inputs, when accelerating a model.

  • EPYC Milan CPU is now available as a hardware target! You will find a wide variety of EPYC Milan instance types under the Google Cloud Provider (GCP) dropdown menu for hardware choices.

  • If you are running your models on the Auto-TVM engine in place of Auto-Scheduler, you can now use the Exploration and Random Trial Options if AutoTVM is on. You can find more information about how to improve Model Performance for AutoTVM here.

  • This week, we deprecated our old version of the SDK. Any users that have not installed SDK version 0.3.0 or later will be unable to access the application. If you have not already made your upgrade change, please use:

$ python3 -m pip install octomizer-sdk --extra-index-url <https://octo.jfrog.io/artifactory/api/pypi/pypi-local/simple> --upgrade
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