SDK Upgrade

  • We have updated our SDK endpoint for uploading models and setting input shapes and will be deprecating the current endpoint in the coming weeks.

  • Because of this change users must upgrade to OctoML SDK v0.3.0 by October 21st with:

$ python3 -m pip install octomizer-sdk --extra-index-url --upgrade

Input Shape Management

  • Users accessing the platform via the new SDK will be able to run workflows on dynamic input models using different instantiations of inputs. For static models the upgrade should work transparently.

  • Each input shape will create a new model workflow, and comparing results across different input shapes for now should be done only via the SDK.

  • In the coming weeks, additional web-UI capabilities will be added to support this experience via a browser-based client.

32-bit OS Raspberry Pi4

  • We have added 32-bit OS support for Arm A-72 via the Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian OS. Contact us to request access to these devices.

  • TVM optimization and benchmarking is currently available for these devices; a TFLite benchmarking capability will be added later this quarter.

  • Due to 32bit limitations, optimizations on these devices are limited in their use of RAM (4GB).

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